Repair/configure a RunAbove snapshot (clone) booted as a new server

If you clone (make a snapshot) of a CentOS 6 in your RunAbove ControlPanel, you might encounter difficulties placing it online. This is due to the fact that a snapshot is literally a clone, therefore cloning IP and MAC addresses onto the new server. To overcome this, we should…

  1. Check your old MAC address `ifconfig -a`.
  2. Login into the new server via VNC and do a `ifconfig -a`
    • your interface will show up as `eth1` at this very moment.
    • go to `/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistant-net.rules`.
  3. Confront the two interfaces eth1/eth0 and
    • delete or comment out `eth0`
    • modify the `eth1` to `eth0` parameter  on the line where you MAC (HWaddr) address resembles the `ifconfig -a` on the cloned server
  4. Reboot and voila, you’re online.
  5. Some modifications need to be made
    1. `/etc/hostname` and enter the corresponding hostname + IP address
    2. run `hostname`
    3. `service network restart` or reboot

Shortcut: simply delete the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistant-net.rules file and reboot :)

Don’t forget! You’re ssh keys will be cloned too. Fork the old putty config for the new server and simply change the IP address. You may want to generate a new login key and add it to .ssh/authorized_keys!



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