How to change SSH port in RunAbove VPS

OVH has launched a new VPS platform based on Docker and OpenStack, all powered by newly IBM’s POWER8 chips. This platform is called RunAbove(.com). You may give it a spin, they periodically offer coupons for tryouts.

Here’s an affiliate link which will load you with 10$:

Now onto our problem: you cannot change the SSH port in a fashion way, through /etc/ssh/sshd_config. You MUST first:

Login into your RunAbove account
Click on your name (upper right corner)
Select Expert Mode
Don’t lose your head into details, just go to Access & Security (on the left)
• Edit Rules for your default security group
• Add Rule (upper right corner)

  • Rule: Custom TCP
  • Direction: Ingress
  • Open Port: Port
  • Port: here you’ll input your desired nonstandard SSH port, >1024
  • Remote: select CIDR with if you have 1 instance (VPS), otherwise go with Security Group: default (applies to all instances created under your account)

Now edit your sshd_config file and enter the port above into your config file. Reload service and enjoy.

PS: If you screw up the login and find yourself locked out of your box(es), from the Expert Panel check the Console tab (click on your instance’s name).



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